The printmaking area at Queen's University's Fine Art (Visual Art) program, integrates traditional practices with digital media, offering diverse avenues of exploration in print media. The courses introduce students to the basic processes, concepts and histories of printmaking and the context in which it operates. As a medium that shares common ground with drawing, painting, photography and digital media, the printmaking area fosters diversity and experimentation. Students focusing in the printmaking area will gain technical proficiency in a variety of processes, while developing their own personal ideas and aesthetics in light of contemporary issues and practices.

Facilities and Equipment

The printmaking studios at Queen's University have been designed to provide a professional facility for exploration in print media at the undergraduate level. The printmaking area has one room devoted to lithography, relief, intaglio, and associated processes and another exclusively for screen-printing. In addition, there is a photo-processes room with a washout booth, pressure washer and exposure unit and an acid and grounds room, totalling 2,700 square feet of combined space. All rooms are vented for safe use of materials with a downdraft worktable in the lithography and etching area.

Lithography Presses

2 Griffin Lithography presses, 40"x72'
1 Elephant lithography press, 24"x40"
P.K. lithography for plates, 30"x58"
Praga Lithography press, 30"x50"
Penrose Hunter, flat bed offset press, 30"x40"

Intaglio Presses, (etching)

American French Tool Press, 36"x50"
Griffin Etching Press, 30"x50"
Griffin Etching Press, 36"x58"

SP15 Vandercook Proofing Type press, with hand setting type

3 vacuum light exposure tables, 60"x40", 30"x40", and 30"x40"
UV drying unit, for UV inks printing
Large assortment of lithographic lime stone up to 30"x40"
Large assortment of screens up to 60"x40"
2 Vertical etching tanks
4 Etching trays up to 30"x40"
15 hand rollers, various sizes

Digital Printing

In 2017, a new Digital Print Media Lab (DPML) was created. Housed within the Printmaking Area, the DPML is accessible to all BFA students for the completion of research and studio work.