Admission to the Fine Art (Visual Art) Program

BFA students working in the woodshop
© Queen's University, Students work together in the Fine Art (Visual Art) Program wood shop.

All students applying for admission to the Fine Art (Visual Art) Program are required to submit a digital portfolio (submission site). Admission to the program is based on a portfolio evaluation and high school average of 80% or higher.

 BFA Recruitment Flyer 2023-2024 

 Currently, the Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art) program is undergoing review and as part of that review the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science is considering the question of temporarily suspending admissions to that program.  While the review takes place, portfolio submissions through Slide Room are closed. If the Faculty decides to continue with admissions for September 2023, the portal will open so that you can complete this portion of your application.

Please refer to the admission requirements for Ontario, non-Ontario students and international students. Students should be aware that high school Art, Music, Dance and Theatre are not 4U level courses.

For any questions regarding undergraduate direct entry admissions and both internal and external transfers into the program, please contact Queen's Office of Admissions to confirm your admission requirements.


A total of 120 units are required to complete a four year BFA Honours degree. Sixty of these units will be in Studio, 12 supporting units will be in Art History, and another 48 units will be electives in any subject you wish to study.

Please visit the Faculty of Arts and Science current course calendar for the most up-to-date listing of courses offered.

BFA students working in the woodshop.
© Queen's University. Students enrolled in the Fine Art (Visual Art) Program have exclusive use of a well equipped and staffed wood shop throughout the school year.