Sara Robichaud (BFA '95)

Photo of Sara Robichaud.

I graduated from Queen's with my BFA in 1995.  I have always been nostalgic about my time in Kingston, because it was when I became an artist and an adult.  One in a class of 30  diverse young artists, I felt blessed in  having a safe permanent studio  to explore my chosen field for 4 years.

I was from North Bay... and I remember going into  Ontario Hall with my portfolio for the first time and being in awe of the large-scale abstract canvases throughout.  Something clicked for me and I decided then, that I wanted to make big paintings that would  affect people deeply.

After leaving Queen's I took a circuitous route to my present place. I wasn't on a career path at first; rather it was more of an adventure into what it  really means to be a creative person. I  knew I would need to keep my focus on a balance of time in the studio with the rest of life.

I married in 2006, completed my MFA at the University of Victoria in 2009 and had my first child in 2011.  I've never given up on my goals and as I reach them I am able to foresee where I want to travel to next.

I've been represented across Canada since 2001 and am currently with galleries in Calgary, Vancouver and LA.  My work has been at International Art Fairs in Toronto, New York and Los Angeles and is in private & public collections in North America and the Middle East.

My next focus is on the public sphere and I have a solo exhibition called "Double Life" is at the Nanaimo Art Gallery in September of 2012.

My painting practice has been through many directional shifts but I am ever aware of the seed of abstraction that was planted at Queen's!

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Artwork: 'Ossein'
"Ossein", 105 x 75;
Artwork: 'Sinister Virtues'
"Sinister Virtues" 74x48