Laurie Hooke

Mental Health Counsellor

Student Wellness Services

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Laurie always sees the possibility for a student to function better and she never shies away from doing the work to help a student get there. She makes it her business to know all the pathways to support that a student might need, and she is tenacious at nudging students along those pathways. I trust Laurie not just to help her students do better, but she helps all of us do better too. She never lets anyone give up!


Mental and Physical health are the basis for functioning, connection, and success. Without wellness in both these areas we are essentially on a different playing field than everyone else, and we need support to help get back on the field with our peers. 

I offer crisis support via Student Wellness Services. Ensuring students get the support that they need and assist in advocating. Collaborate with Physicians, Psychiatry, Counselling, external resources, and faculties/professors. Faculties and professors play a major role in assisting a student  move through a difficult moment, and it is extremely appreciated when they are willing to work in collaboration to help a student succeed.  

Although Student Wellness Services is small, we are mighty! We do the best we can with what we have and we advocate heavily for students experiencing Mental and Physical health crisis. With the pandemic we are seeing an influx of individuals who are very negatively impacted, and we continue to see the impact that the pandemic has had. We don't want people to feel as if they need to manage/deal with all this on their own, we are not taught to deal with this type of impact and I encourage people to reach out. You don't have to suffer or walk through the hard stuff alone.

--- Laurie Hooke