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Meghan is always friendly, never judging, always attends to the class and addresses concerns/fears quickly.

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Mental health is multifaceted! A gauge that I use for my own mental health is how I handle regular daily tasks. If I find myself getting frustrated with account log-ins, scrolling too much on social media, or not enjoying my favourite song on the radio, it's a cue for me that I need to slow down and check in. With the lock-downs over the pandemic, I've also learned that I really need regular exercise for my mental health‚ when I'm not able to exercise and move in ways that are fun for me, I tend to notice that those repeated log-ins feel more annoying than they should, and other things start to slip.

This is a tough one‚ educators have a challenging task of ensuring that courses and programs are designed to meet certain learning goals, while also integrating an understanding that students (and educators!) are experiencing unique circumstances coming into the classroom. Ensuring that curriculum needs are delivered in the right ways for the people in a classroom at a given point in time is an active process, and I definitely do not always get it right. I try to design courses with flexibility built in ahead of time wherever possible, and also check in with students so that I can adapt in the moment wherever possible. Checking in with students helps in terms of understanding student needs, and is also one of the joys of teaching! I am also grateful that Queen's has a tremendous community dedicated to education with experts in a variety of roles across units. Education is a team sport, and I am grateful for teams with students, instructors, administrators, and staff where we connect with one another regarding our educational spaces and practices with the shared goal of having a truly exceptional learning experience. 

You matter, and I am really glad that you are part of this community! 

--- Megan Norris