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Claire Davies

Associate Professor


Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Dr. Davies gives students positive feedback and always helps students under other professors who are struggling with their advisor. I have seen this first hand with a few graduate students. Dr. Davies goes out of her way to make people feel included. She is one of the best leaders I have met, who gives great actionable feedback without making you feel like you did everything wrong. I came to this university because of how she treats people and the smaller community she has created with her lab. She's one of the people that includes all types of people in her lab.

Anonymous Student

Mental health is a state of well-being that includes all aspects of daily life. Balance is necessary to achieve good mental health; caring for oneself, understanding one's own limitations, and being confident in making choices.

I was an Applied Science undergraduate student at Queen's. In March of my first year, I had a nervous breakdown. The Associate Dean met with me and offered me the option of writing as many exams with my cohort as I wanted, and transferring to "J Section" for the rest. I try to support students with as many options as I can provide. They need to understand that "one size" does not fit for everyone, and that there are options available - they just need to ask (and keep asking different people until they find the person who can best support them).

You are not alone, you are not the only one feeling the way you do. We are here to help, please make sure you ask.

--- Dr. Claire Davies