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School of Rehabilitation Therapy

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Amanda Hall is always available and open to talking to students one on one when they need extra support. She acknowledges that our mental health has been impacted and ensures us that it is okay to ask for help when needed.

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An individual's mental health is an integral, yet often overlooked, a component of health and wellness.  As an occupational therapist teaching and working clinically in a mental health domain, I believe it is so important to create a safe space for discussion and acceptance of challenges people may experience with their mental health. Especially, now as we attempt to adapt to life during a pandemic. 

I aim to create a classroom environment that fosters openness to discussion, acceptance of challenges and building a sense of common humanity in an attempt to reduce feelings of isolation for any student who may be silently struggling. I believe educators are well-positioned to set a tone of understanding, acceptance and openness for students to feel safe to access mental health supports when needed. 

During covid, we are faced with many unexpected stressors that will undoubtedly impact mental health and wellness. It is important that students feel safe and supported in order to reach out for help when needed. It is equally important that students are observant and responsive to signs when other students may be struggling. Mental wellness takes a collective approach! 

--- Amanda Hall