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Andrew is empathetic, compassionate, communicative, caring and supportive. Last semester my mental health hit a drastic low, knowing this Andrew was very supportive and understanding which allowed me to become more successful in my thesis. He never made me feel as if I were a burden and was always checking in to see if I needed extra support. Andrew goes the extra mile to make sure his students succeed and it truly makes a difference.

Anonymous Student

Mental health is being kind to yourself. Taking care of your mental health is to practice forgiving yourself for any shortcomings you experience and turning every set back into an opportunity for self-improvement.

I have had the pleasure of being a Graduate TA for courses at both ends of a Psychology student's journey. Each experience has taught me about the different constraints placed on student mental health. Overwhelmingly, the best way to start supporting student mental health is by listening to how different constraints affect students in the course. Removing barriers to success in a course creates an equitable space for students to learn and self-improve in an environment that fosters positive mental health and resilience to new challenges. Barriers are not always class-wide, meaning that it is sometime important to listen and respond to student concerns on a case-by-case basis. No matter how small or insignificant they may perceived issues to be, I always encourage student to come forward with difficulties that they face. Not only does it promote positive mental health - it also creates a good rapport with the student so that they get the most out of the course while also understanding that I (and often my teaching team) are here to see them succeed.

--- Andrew Hall