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Avina Patel

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Avina takes the time to catch up organically as she cares about others. She is always energetic and makes the effort to explain life's challenges, using her own experiences.

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Mental health manifests in everyone differently. Simply put, I believe mental health involves the changes in our well-being and alters our emotions, thinking and behaviour. Ultimately, mental health should be treated the same as physical health.

I try to set an example. As a student, you feel more comfortable following the steps of those that you look up to, see often or simply those who are consistent enough with their actions to a point where it spreads. Therefore, by speaking about my own mental health and framing conversations to be open, vulnerable and transparent, others can in turn feel safer to speak out too. Educators and staff can do the same. The greatest lessons I have learned from my professors have been through personal anecdotes, open conversations and in showing compassion to students.

--- Avina Patel