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Dr. Francesca Fiore

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Professor Fiore never made me feel ashamed for taking the time or support I needed. In an academic environment which valorizes productivity and efficiency at all costs, it made a colossal difference to be reminded that I am worthy of support and that my well-being comes first. Professor Fiore made the effort to check in with me both in and out of class, offering support and directing me toward resources that could aid me in my situation. Her support and gentle encouragement made me feel comfortable enough to reach out for the help I needed. While this past year has not been without challenges, knowing someone at Queen's cares has lightened the burden substantially.

I will forever be grateful for the grace and kindness Professor Fiore has shown me. It has helped and positively impacted me in more ways than I will ever be able to quantify. Professor Fiore is an extremely kind individual and undoubtedly extremely passionate about her work. Her energy is a source of inspiration for so many of her students, and she is admired by many of the students within the French department. Her classroom is a safe space; she handles delicate situations with much care and makes it a priority to support her students.

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To me, mental health means creating a supportive learning environment for my students. The term "support" guides all of my interactions with them. 

I ask myself questions like, "How can I best support this student?" and "What is their body language telling me?" As a university educator, I view my role as part of a larger vocation to support and mentor students as they transition into adulthood. Recognizing that students come from diverse backgrounds and face unique challenges, I prioritize using a variety of approaches to engage with them and integrate mental health support into my courses. 

At the start of each class, I often ask general questions like, "How is everyone doing today?" or "How was everyone's weekend?" This method encourages students to seek my help when they need it and humanizes the teaching experience. I feel fortunate that my students have been receptive to this approach and have felt comfortable reaching out to me. I make myself readily available to speak with them, and I follow up with those who have opened up about their challenges to create a plan that ensures they can meet class requirements. 

In addition, I consider it crucial to emphasize that academics are only one aspect of the university experience and to encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities, engage in physical exercise, and foster social connections. From lending an ear to offering advice and directing students to mental health resources available at Queen's, promoting the well-being of my students has been a gratifying experience. My hope is that, despite the challenges of early adulthood, my students will look back on their time in my classes with fondness. As students view their professors as potential mentors and role models, I strive to make a conscious effort to model healthy behaviors and openly encourage self-help and well-being. 

-- Dr. Francesca Fiore