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John Meligrana

Associate Professor


School of Urban and Regional Planning

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Professor Meligrana is extremely humble and easy going. When appropriate, he has allowed for deadlines to be moved and is not overly rigid. He treats everyone the same and shows a depth of humanity and patience for his students. He is approachable and has dignity for everyone. He does not easily get distracted from lectures and presents well thought out discussions in his classes. This academic year he is the only professor who a) prepared and followed clear and easy to read PowerPoint presentations, b) did not move lectures around, and c) did not comment on my age in a negative light. He also gave us an opportunity to have lunch during an otherwise full day of classes. He is very well liked and his lectures are thorough and interesting, and includes personal anecdotes to make the material relevant. He's intelligent, approachable, and kind.

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Mental health means a state of well-being that prepares us to tackle the pressures of day-to-day life as well as long term challenges. It is the ability to both rely and contribute to the academic community in a productive and engaging way.

We should try to foster a sense of community where all are welcome and feel comfortable to contribute. Educators can play an important role in understanding and accommodating the diversity of challenges and situations facing their students.

--- Dr. John Meligrana