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Kyla Tienhaara


School of Environmental Studies

Kyla Tenhaara is very mindful of student mental health and various academic-related deadlines and stresses - she assigns work with recommended deadlines and collects all work at the end of term.

Anonymous Student

Mental health is just as important as physical health in determining overall wellbeing. 

I have been flexible with deadlines this academic year, in an effort to reduce student stress. I think this has helped some students, but I need to continue to work on other ways to support student mental health, even when life returns to "normal".

I think it is important to recognize that students are not just living through a global pandemic, they are also having to deal with the existential threat posed by ecological breakdown. As a community, we need to do more to address the climate crisis and to help students come to terms with ecological grief and climate anxiety.

--- Dr. Kyla Tienhaara