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Dr. Mark Hostetler

Adjunct Assistant Professor


Department of Global Development Studies

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Professor Hostetler is the nicest, most outgoing and approachable professor. He feels more like a friend than a professor. He wants you to do well and wants to make you feel happy doing work. Professor Hostetler adapts deadlines to accommodate personal circumstances and other deadlines and prefers if we just message for accomodations instead of wasting our single use of 3 days off. He connects with students and gets to know every single one!

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I believe supporting student mental health begins with listening to and trusting them. It's important to understand that students have a myriad of different problems and pressures that cannot always be anticipated or dealt with using blanket policies. I believe it's important to be compassionate and flexible in our interactions and to give students the encouragement, support and space then need to succeed.

--- Dr. Mark Hostetler