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At the beginning of every class, Dr. Grogan leads us on a 'mind-calming activity', where most of us close our eyes and take part in a breathing exercise. The purpose of this meditation activity is for us to calm our anxiety-ridden brains, especially considering that this course (BIOL411 - Global Change Biology) deals with subject matters that can cause anxiety. He also ensured that we had access to additional mental health resources that he sent through email, and also spoke about during our lectures.

Paul is a kind soul, who genuinely cares for our well-being. He is a teacher for all the right reasons and you can tell that he is passionate about it. He inspired me to love learning again!

Anonymous Student

I don't have formal training in mental health but from my observations of myself and others over my lifetime, I think the most critical aspect is resilience.... the capacity to achieve and maintain/restore a sense of balance and 'big picture' perspective on whatever trials and tribulations come up in life.

For me, at this stage in my life, people and relationships are what matter most – and I’ve recently realized that teaching is a natural extension of that philosophy. Apart from humility and making time to interact informally with students, being willing to take risks by going personal and exposing my vulnerabilities really helps me to connect with students, and for us to develop mutual empathy.

Secondly, I try hard to see things from a student perspective. For example, one of the learning outcomes in my 4th year global change biology and biology of sustainability courses is: identify and analyze the fundamental biological root causes of our civilisation’s current environmental predicament, and use that assessment to develop lasting personal solutions for coping with, and constructively responding to, the major global change issues of the 21st century.

Thirdly, to promote deep and engaged student learning in my courses, I have been incorporating contemplative mindful practices for several years at the beginning of every session in many of my classes.

--- Dr. Paul Grogan