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Robert Knobel

Associate Professor


Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Astronomy

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Professor Knobel pushes back deadlines when he sees the class is struggling and is very willing to meet in person to discuss anything we have questions about. He also recognizes when he's made a mistake and apologizes for doing so, which is not something a lot of professors do.

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Being mentally healthy means being able to cope with the challenges and stresses that we all encounter in our work and studies. It doesn't mean ignoring these challenges - and it doesn't mean that coping with these difficulties is easy. When I'm mentally healthy I work with friends, family and colleagues to get help through the tough parts and continue to learn and make progress to my goals.

Educators and staff must recognize that learning and health are intertwined: that students can't learn effectively if they aren't healthy, and that the work and stress of school can contribute to poor mental health. We need to understand this interconnection, to be compassionate when students aren't well, and to build up the course and students so that students can take on challenging learning without compromising their health.

Dealing with mental health of students isn't just giving extensions when students ask: it is supporting students and building a course that students can complete on time, and that students feel energized to put the effort into completing.

--- Dr. Robert Knobel