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Dr. Thomas Abrams

Assistant Professor


Department of Sociology

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Dr. Abrams is very focused on accessibility for all of his students and this focus includes mental health. By designing a syllabus that includes multiple, low stakes assignments, a lot of pressure is relieved from students. Dr. Abrams also provides a variety of valuable interactive opportunities with himself and the TA's of the course without assigning a grade to attendance. This allows for students to prioritize aspects of their life that are the most pressing at the time, without detrimentally affecting their grade in the course. Additionally, he tries very hard to make his lectures engaging to his students which helps to encourage students to actually show up to class and learn.

Dr. Abrams is aways available for academic help (office hours, email). He always delivers engaging and interesting lectures, even when the material itself wasn't interesting. He is a knowledgeable, empathetic, and relatable professors that's easy to connect with.

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My approach to mental health focuses on accessible and accommodating learning environments. Accessible education is rooted in anti-oppressive classroom practices and course design. By removing barriers to participation in the student learning experience, we improve the health of everyone. I hope to facilitate these environments by implementing the principles of universal design in my courses, and throughout the undergraduate program in Sociology. Accessible and equity-oriented education is resource intensive. Faculty and staff play a pivotal role in supporting accommodating learning environments, as do faculties and the university more generally. Open dialogue on accessible classrooms is a step forward in this effort and faculties need to be given the resources needed to support faculty and staff in this effort.

--- Dr. Thomas Abrams