Image of Dr. Thomas Rotter

Dr. Thomas Rotter

Associate Professor


School of Nursing

Dr. Rotter is conscientious about student welfare. He organizes one-on-one sessions with students to help alleviate their anxiety and stays connected to students on zoom and by email. Above all, Dr. Rotter believes in the potential of every student and understands that school life can be challenging. Thus, he is always very accommodating.

Dr. Rotter encouraged me to seek help in inquiring about accommodations and has offered several mentoring sessions to ensure that I succeed in my studies. He offers this support to my classmates as well. My mental health has greatly benefited from his gracious support. Dr. Rotter is kind, committed to student growth, and passionate about mentorship and teaching.

Anonymous Students

For me, mental health and wellbeing are paramount for the success of our valued students. The well-being of our students determines how they can handle stress, relate to others, and make good and healthy choices. I support students' mental health by continuously offering one-on-one mentoring sessions. My teaching philosophy implies that all students should be treated equally. This includes feedback sessions at the start and at the end of my classes to better understand what the main issues are that may cause their anxiety. I encourage students to seek help through Student Wellness Services and Student Accommodations, and I am working closely with students who suffer from anxiety or other mental health issues. We should all work together and help our valued students to understand that mental health is health and recovery is expected.

--- Thomas Rotter