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Golshan Golriz

Assistant Professor


Department of Sociology

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Golshan's teaching philosophy prioritizes empathy and understanding with undergraduate and graduate students. With her graduate students, she ensures that they are all treated as colleagues and with the upmost respect. Her office hours are a safe space for discussion where she provides guidance for projects and supports. She also ensures her TAs are prioritizing their mental wellbeing. For instance, as her graduate student struggling to complete an assignment and was very overwhelmed, she extended the deadline for me and provided one-on-one expertise on how to approach the topic. She always provides content warnings and allows students to leave the space if they are uncomfortable - no questions asked. She also provides individualized comments to each student privately about presentations so that students do not have anxiety attacks, moreover, if you are uncomfortable presenting in a class setting she allows you to present to her during a separate time to reduce social anxiety among students.

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Mental health is an individual need and a social right. The lack of institutional mental health support also makes it a crisis in our current society.

My approach to supporting students with mental health is two-fold. First, I take a student-led approach and listen to students needs. I think educators need to assist students according to their own terms. Second, I try to implement structural mental health support for students. Educators have a responsibility to contribute to students’ mental well-being.

--- Golshan Golriz