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Throughout the support group she was a fantastic listener and provided advice that truly changed my life. She helped me recognize that my mental illness does not control me and cheered me on in my victories. She is truly a phenomenal person and counsellor.

Anonymous Student

Mental health can mean having the capacity to manage life's ups and downs and may look different for each person at different times of their lives. It could also include having resources both internally and externally to draw upon in harder times. It may vary from coping with high stress and just getting through, to experiencing joy and flourishing.

As the person overseeing many of the Groups offered at Student Wellness, I support students health and wellbeing by creating opportunities for student's to feel a sense of safety, belonging and community inside of these groups. This is especially important for marginalized students. Feeling like you are not alone and not the only one who struggles with a particular issue can be so healing.

--- Jo-ann Ferreira