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Juliana Reinert

Graduate Student, Supervisor, Teaching Assistant


Department of Civil Engineering

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Juliana was a wonderful person to work with while I was struggling with mental health. She was understanding and forgiving, and gave me plenty of options to fit my needs. She was kind when I was in need of help and made me feel like I had a safe space.

I have always seen her be helpful to other graduate students - whether they needed any guidance regarding to the training with equipment, or if they were struggling with the research project, or their relationship with the supervisor. In general she helped with any sort of frustrating and difficult situation in the grad students' life - she would be there to support them, like she has supported me. I found her equally empathetic and supportive to the undergraduates as well when she is teaching. Based on my experience, she regularly advocates for reading books and listening to podcasts related to mental health.

Juliana is a very kind person; she has a very good heart. Even if she has a very tight schedule, she will make time for someone in need for help. And she will always be there to listen and share. She is very smart and I feel fortunate to have her around me, she is one of the reasons I am surviving graduate school.

Juliana is a wonderful mentor and is someone to look up to. She is kind, intelligent and admirable. I enjoyed working with her and was grateful for her kindness and understanding during our time working together.

She's very welcoming and friendly; open to talk to everyone, no matter their background and beliefs.

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For some, mental health means enjoying open and honest communication. It also means having balance in life and being in a state of mental well-being that enables us to cope with the stresses of life, put our best skills to use, and be able to contribute to the surrounding community.

I believe in compassionate leadership. I am always willing to listen, and if needed to give some advice. But listening is the key to empathy. Most of the students have the skills to perform their activities daily, but sometimes they get stressed out and struggle to remember. It is our job as educators to be there for them and show them that YES, they can do it! I am a big advocate of time management and a course about it should be mandatory for starting graduate students.

Faculty needs more training on emotional responsibility. We have been too focused on technical and intellectual intelligence and forgetting that we are all human beings, trying to get the best of this life.

--- Juliana Reinert