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Julie is one of the most supportive instructors that I have ever had during my time at Queen's. She prioritizes mental wellbeing and wants you to be successful in every regard. During my time working with her I had a tough time in this rotation and had intense levels of anxiety and stress, she helped me gain more confidence in the clinical setting and be successful in the course. Julie is understanding and always takes time to check in after tough days.

Anonymous Student

Mental health involves supporting the whole person. I believe we all need to take care of ourselves first to be capable to build a career as a caregiver. For me this means getting enough sleep, exercise, and bringing my sense of humour into the game every day! 

Supporting student mental health is of utmost importance for educators. Students are under extreme levels of stress and pressure during nursing school. If they present to clinical with a maxed out cognitive capacity due to their stress levels, their learning is negatively impacted. In my experience, providing an environment that openly fosters mental wellness student's are able to build their confidence and competence in the clinical setting. This confidence enables them to see themselves as nurses capable of great things in their careers!

--- Julie Bomba