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Lisa Doxtator

Cultural Counsellor


Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

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Lisa went out of her way to make me feel welcome and give me a home at Queen's. She became like a family member to me, supporting me and all students. I told her about the weekends I missed from being home - I haven't been able to go home since Christmas. Lisa put together a late night event at 4D where we watched some of my favourite movies, played cards, and did some baking just like I would do to relax back home. It meant the world to me.

Lisa is a caring support in my life and the life of all students she interacts with. She listens to people well - letting them know the importance of what they have to say. Lisa is always accommodating students needs and she makes all feel welcome.

Anonymous Student

In my role as the Cultural Counsellor, I provide counselling specific to Indigenous students. Generally, mental health for me is rooted in a wholistic perspective, which looks at the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspects of a person. Mental health also means having a "good mind". This is a teaching from the Haudensaunee people and generally means for us to be aware of our thoughts and their intent, resulting in more kind and loving thoughts and believe that a good mind is also obtained through a strong connection to Spirit. 

One important way that I support Indigenous student mental health is by helping to support and connect students to their Indigenous identity by providing teachings around Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing. I incorporate Traditional Healing practices, such as smudging, Sharing/Healing Circles and Drumming into my Individual and group therapy. 

-- Lisa Doxtator