Lucille Jones

Undergraduate Program Coordinator


School of Nursing

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Lucille is an outstanding individual with a deep commitment to promoting mental health and well-being at Queen's University. Her participation in the 2023 wellness workshop, where she crafted a delicious candy bar, is a testament to her dedication to helping others. Lucille has always been a vocal advocate for student well-being and consistently goes above and beyond to support her peers. For example, she encourages organizing group activities, such as yoga sessions and meditation workshops, to help students destress and relax during exams.

Lucille is also a trusted confidante and actively encourages students to seek help when needed. Her positivity and infectious energy are inspirational, and she is a deserving candidate for the Champion for Mental Health award. She is always looking for ways to support her peers and promote positive mental health, whether through offering encouragement or just being a friendly and compassionate presence. Her infectious positivity and energy make her a joy to be around, and she is a true asset to the Queen's University community. Overall, Lucille is a wonderful person.

Anonymous Student

Mental health to me means being kind, listening to your mind and learning to have the self-awareness to recognize when your mind is not feeling or thinking well. It means being able to prioritize your own well being through emotional, mental and physical wellness in order to truly understand yourself and improve your relationship with others. Mental health to me is the primary foundation of the whole person. Mental health is essential to maintaining a good quality of life.

I continue to recognize and understand the challenges and concerns that every student encounters while they are learning and living at Queen’s University. I focus on listening and I provide compassionate feedback to students to enhance their wellbeing and experiences at Queen’s. Staff members have a duty of care to provide professional and effective information and resources to students to support their mental health and wellbeing. Continuing to create a healthy, safe and positive environment by exhibiting compassionate behaviors can improve students mental health.

--- Lucille Jones