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Matthew Aslett

Head Teaching Assistant


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Matthew was able to make sure grading was completed in a timely manner so that students could know how they performed. This was very helpful, especially during the pandemic, as students like me wanted to receive feedback to improve. Also, as a head TA, he was always willing to help in courses that I had taken previously. All these have contributed to promoting positive mental health. He is also a role model who cares about student learning development and mental health.

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Mental health means creating an environment with psychological safety, where educational stakeholders are empowered, motivated, and inspired to achieve their unique potential. Through daily check-in meetings and ongoing compassion, individuals will feel valued as members of the learning community. My goal is to make a positive impact in every interaction for any individual.

To support mental health, I organize check-in sessions with students to provide support within their course, program, and professional journey. I ask open-ended questions and listen to student responses to promote introspection and identify best practices. Educators and staff serve as role models or ambassadors for mental health and well being. Through collaboration and openness, leaders can ensure universal access to educational opportunities with individualized consideration and differentiated instruction.

I hope that consistent dialogue about mental health can influence every leader to consider emotional, psychological, and social aspects of well-being in their decision-making. As educators, we have an important responsibility to generate an inclusive culture and guide our future societal leaders.

--- Mr. Matthew Aslett