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Phoebe Feiyang Gao

Senior QSuccess Mentor


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Phoebe leads a team of engineering mentors ensuring we have the necessary training and support to each help approximately three first year students adjust to university life with the QSuccess program. Phoebe stands out as being committed to supporting the wellbeing and positive mental health of both us and our mentees. In these meetings, she discusses strategies for us to better support our mentees, gives us case studies and provides feedback, and regularly has us fill out anonymous feedback forms at the end, and incorporates that feedback into our meetings. She also always makes a point to mention that if we are ever feeling overwhelmed, either in supporting our mentees or in our own lives, to reach out to herand she will be happy to help us.

Beyond this, Phoebe has gone out of her way to help us mentors connect with each other so we can have our own support system. She organized a fun mentor social for us to meet each other in a relaxed setting, has icebreakers at the end of each meeting, and uses open-ended prompts in breakout rooms sometimes to facilitate conversation and support between us. Phoebe is committed to being kind, caring, and inclusive to everyone in her everyday life. She has truly made a positive difference in my life, the lives of my mentees, and the lives of my fellow mentors.

Anonymous Student

To me, mental health encompasses someone's psychological, emotional, and social well-being. It is an aspect of health that is so crucial but often neglected and I'm so happy that there is progression towards emphasizing the importance of maintaining one's mental health.

I try to support student mental health by applying empathy in my role as a staff member. I try to open my capacity as a leader to reinforce mental health and encourage healthy practice that amongst my mentors. I try to bring an inclusive and supportive space within my meetings and check-in often with my team.

I hope students take the time to find their support system and really prioritize their mental health, as it truly plays a role in all aspects of their life.

--- Ms. Phoebe Feiyang Gao