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Sara Lutz

Occupational Therapist


Student Wellness Services

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Sara goes above and beyond to make sure I have everything and anything I need to support my mental health in school. She has also gone out of her way to make herself apart of my support system and be there for me. She is always advocating for me and providing me with tools to help improve my mental health. She is patient, kind, friendly, trust-worthy, and someone you can be comfortable around.

Anonymous Student

As a healthcare provider, I help students learn to recognize and manage their health-related concerns in order to allow them to participate fully in activities that are meaningful to them. For me, it is imperative to look at the whole person in front of me. This means considering mental health an equal component to someone’s overall sense of health and wellbeing. I believe that everyone’s mental health deserves to be recognized, appreciated, and nurtured. I witness just how demanding life can be for a university student. I see students showing up every day to do the hard things. As a result, I strive to offer a warm, welcoming, and non-judgmental space for everyone to just come as they are and share what challenges they may be facing.

It’s important for me to be on a student’s team, and it is my hope that each student I work with will learn that their worth is not measured by grades or productivity. I believe we all need to cultivate our mental health in order to feel content and fulfilled in our daily lives. Having the opportunity to work with the incredible students of Queen’s is something that brings me joy and fosters my own mental health. At the same time, I am privileged to work alongside a team of professionals who truly value the importance of workplace wellbeing. In being so supported by my colleagues and managers, I’m able to show up in the way that I do for our students. It’s because of this that I see mental health as a team effort, and know that we all benefit from having other people in our corner.

--- Sara Lutz