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Susanne Murphy

Assistant Professor


School of Rehabilitation Therapy

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Susanne promotes positive mental health and supports student wellbeing through her consistent commitment to the students through accommodating class schedules and assignment due dates to best suit students learning needs. She is always checking in to ensure that students are doing well and is always available to clarify information and help students learn the information they need in order to succeed.

Susanne is a breath of fresh air; she is kind, compassionate and an amazing teacher. Susanne always strives to ensure that her students are learning to the best of their abilities and makes it fun and engaging while doing so.

Anonymous Student

To me, mental health is about our emotional, psychological, social and spiritual well-being. One way that we can all support student mental health is to recognize and acknowledge that the stressors of academic study can have an impact upon student wellness. We all have a role to play in noticing how our students are doing, asking them how they are doing and generally leaving space for them to share or seek the support they need to be well and do their best.

--- Dr. Susanne Murphy