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Taryn has quickly created a community of students doing equity work on campus and connected them to each other. This in and of itself has had significant impacts on the feeling of community for students at Queen's. I appreciate Taryn's ongoing support and interest in ensuring and maintaining a positive work-life balance, supporting members, and creating space to process the challenges that come with doing equity work on campus. Taryn is dedicated to promoting positive change and recognizes the importance of student led change, and is here to support and uplift them in the process.

Anonymous Student

To me, caring for your mental health is the same as caring for any other aspect of a person's wellbeing. When we feel mentally healthy, we are able to live our most authentic lives and, in turn, give more to ourselves and those around us. I think the most important thing we can do as educators or staff is to recognize that students live dynamic lives; the capacity in which we interact with a student is likely only one part of their overall student experience. Acknowledging this allows us to demonstrate grace and understanding in all of our interactions. I always try my best to see the bigger picture when interacting with students.

--- Taryn McKenna