Support for Staff

Queen's University is providing support to students and staff to help manage new learning, working and living realities. Many staff are working away from campus which adds complexity and challenge to our productivity, effectiveness and most importantly to our overall wellbeing as individuals and as a community. 


Below you will find links to information, services, support and strategies to support the holistic wellbeing of staff. This information will be continually updated and improved. (Note that all links to sites external to Queen's will open in a new window.)

  • Professional Support and Development
    Includes ideas for work from home success, links to IT support and ideas for professional development.

  • Community & Social Connection
    Includes ideas for connection with your work colleagues, local supports and social media and connection tools for your professional and personal lives.

  • Mental Health Support
    Includes links to internal supports, articles, tools, and podcasts.

  • Physical Health Support
    Includes link to Queen's Athletics and Recreation online workouts, supports from Human Resources and other physical health supports.

  • Life Beyond Work
    Includes links to local and online supports for families, creativity, stress relief, exploration and discovery.


We will be adding to these resources on an ongoing basis. If you have ideas for links, tools, podcasts, strategies or other resources we can share, please let us know.