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SGS902: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

A Comment on SGS 902 for Winter 2021:

SGS 902 will be offered in the Winter 2021 Term (January - April). Given the times, the course will be offered as a blended course (a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online activities, and possible in-person or face-to-face events). The course begins Tuesday January 12, 2021. Any online synchronous or in-person activities will be scheduled for Tuesdays between 1:30-4:30pm. These events will be limited and are subject to change as we respond to the coming months ahead. A detailed schedule will be released as details become available. Noting the unique challenges faced by our campus community this year, all reasonable accommodations will be worked out with students on a case-by-case basis. 


Dr. Lauren Anstey, Centre for Teaching and Learning


This course is intended for graduate students and post-doctoral fellows across the disciplines who want to develop as skilled, thoughtful, and confident post-secondary teachers.  The goal of this course is to challenge and broaden conceptions of learning and approaches to teaching.  Sessions will be literature-informed but activity and discussion-based with an expectation of a high degree of collaboration and participation.  The course has been organized in such a way as to balance theory and practice and to support both conceptual and skill development.

As part of the development experience you will articulate a teaching philosophy statement to document your stance and aspirations for teaching.  Through participation in the course, you'll experience and experiment with a broad range of instructional strategies, and, along with the feedback you'll get from the course instructors, you will benefit from self- and peer-assessment techniques to monitor progress.

There is a mandatory teaching practicum component of this course that requires each participant to observe peers teach and to be observed by peers while teaching.  Everyone in SGS 902 is responsible for organizing his or her own teaching opportunities for this element of the course. Observations and teaching components must be completed during the term in which the course runs.

Intended Learning Outcomes

To be successful in this course you must demonstrate a consistent ability to:

  1. Relate formal and theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning to the post-secondary teaching and learning context 
  2. Adopt and adapt a learning-centred approach to teaching a variety of post-secondary learners 
  3. Engage with and adapt active learning techniques that focus on collaboration 
  4. Select and implement a variety of instructional and assessment practices that are aligned with intentions for students' learning 
  5. Access, summarize and adapt scholarly literature on teaching and learning related to your own discipline to establish your own scholarly approach to teaching 


The course holds high expectations of students' regular participation and engagement in course activities. The nature of the course relies on active and collaborative engagement as a group. Regularly assigned readings will often serve as the basis for class discussion.  You are expected to approach course activities fully prepared to engage in the tasks at hand. All students are required to complete the Accessible Instructional for Educators online module available through the Queen's University Equity Office Accessibility Hub at: http://www.queensu.ca/equity/training. This module could be completed at any time prior the course. 

Methods of Registration

Graduate Students

Please complete an Academic Change Form and take it to the Centre for Teaching and Learning (F200 Mackintosh Corry) for instructor approval once you have signed approval from your supervisor.  This is a credit course, offered on a pass-fail basis. The course may not be used to meet program requirements unless explicitly approved by the student's department.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Please send your first name, last name, department and Queen's NetID to ctl@queensu.ca for instructor approval. 

NOTE: Enrolment is limited to 30 on a first-come first-serve basis and requires the instructor's permission.

For more information contact:

Email: ctl@queensu.ca
Phone: 613-533-6428