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Educational Developers

The CTL consultation services are a great resource for Faculties, Departments, groups or individuals who wish to develop their teaching methods and practices. Consultations are meant to provide anyone with teaching responsibilities an opportunity to explore, improve or discuss any aspects of teaching and tasks related to educating at Queen's.

For inquiries outside of our scope of practice we will identify appropriate resources on campus to help you find what you need, quickly.

If you know the name of the Educational Developer you would like to contact, please review our CTL Directory for contact information.

To request a consultation, please email us at

  Workshop/Presentation Request Form

Educational Development Associates

The CTL provides programming, resources and support for graduate students’ and post-docs’ development as educators. Working with individuals or departmental groups we help to develop teaching skills and conceptions of teaching and learning through a variety of programs.

Our EDAs work closely with an Educational Developer to design and deliver programming to support TAs', graduate students' and post-doctoral fellows' ongoing professional development as educators.

Our EDAs can help with:

  • Classroom Observations
  • Questions about the PUTL Modules
  • Departmental Workshop Requests for TAs
  • Grad Student Consultations
  • Graduate Student Teaching Dossiers and Teaching Philosophy Statements

Contact the current EDAs at TA&

  Workshop/Presentation Request Form


Educational Technology

The Educational Technology Team of the CTL, can meet with you individually and provide you personalized guidance, support, and dedicate time to assist with:

  • Setting up your onQ course
  • Adding Content
  • Creating Groups
  • Adding Assessments
  • Inserting Quizzes
  • Setting up the Grade Book
  • Setting up Turnitin
  • Creating and Editing Lecture Videos
  • Adding Captions to Video Lectures
  • Using O365 Teams or Zoom

See resources on Educational Technology and onQ webpage.

Not sure?

It is sometimes assumed that our consultation services are for instructors experiencing teaching problems. While we are happy to offer assistance in such situations, the CTL collaborates with many highly motivated and effective instructors looking to explore new instructional or assessment methods in their classes. Every person with responsibilities related to teaching and learning at Queen's is welcome in the Centre. To request a consultation, please email us at