PUTL Modules

"woman writing with a pen on a wooden table with a coffee mug in the background"Professional Development in University Teaching and Learning (PUTL)

At the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) we encourage educators to engage in reflective and active practice for improving teaching and learning. As part of your professional development, you may be interested in submitting work towards each of the PUTL components, a program geared primarily towards graduate students, teaching assistants, and post-doctoral fellows. An Acknowledgement of Completion will be awarded for each component upon fulfillment of the requirements. A signed Letter of Completion in Professional Development in University Teaching and Learning will be awarded to successful candidates who complete all 5 components. You may complete the components in any order.

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Consultation with an EDA

Consultation: Have questions? Make an appointment with an EDA (Educational Development Associate). The EDA can discuss with you which component best suits your current professional development needs and can help you in planning how to complete the other components.

To make an appointment with an EDA, send an email to TA&GradCTL@queensu.ca.


Foundations in Teaching and Learning

This component recognizes your development in foundational issues and topics regarding teaching and learning. Applicants will need to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Recognize foundational issues and topics of university teaching and learning.
  • Articulate beliefs, attitudes, and philosophies towards university teaching and learning, as informed by foundational concepts of teaching and learning.

Submission Requirements:

Part 1: Document your participation in 6 workshops related to teaching and learning

Part 2: Reflection or Teaching Philosophy

Practical Experience

This component recognizes the practical teaching experiences you have gained. Applicants will need to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Participate in a practical teaching experience for the development of skills as an educator.
  • Seek and compile feedback from the practical teaching experience.
  • Analyze feedback to evaluate the success of teaching practices.

Submission Requirements:

Part 1: Engage in a practical teaching experience

Part 2: Collect feedback on your teaching

Part 3: Compose a reflection or develop parts of a Teaching Dossier

Educational Leadership

This component recognizes leaders (students, faculty, instructors, staff, etc.) who contribute to the advancement of teaching and learning across campus through the work that they do (e.g. through a Head TA position, peer mentoring, or a member of a teaching and learning task force or committee, mentoring junior colleagues, taking the initiative to redesign teaching material such as a handbook, or taking the lead on an educational initiative).

Submission Requirements:

Part 1: Identify and document formal or informal educational leadership role related to university teaching and learning

Part 2: Critical analysis of the leadership experience

Scholarship in Teaching and Learning

This component introduces individuals to the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL), which is the research and investigation of questions and problems concerning university teaching and learning. Applicants will need to demonstrate the ability to:

Define and explain the scholarship of teaching and learning in the context of one's own academic discipline.
Formulate a SoTL question

Submission Requirements:

Part 1: Identify an area of interest, a barrier, or dilemma in university teaching and learning within your academic discipline

Part 2: Explore the area of interest, barrier, or dilemma through consulting recent academic literature

Part 3: Write a focused research question based on your SoTL review or a reflection on how your understanding has changed as a result of your literature review

Accessible Teaching and Learning

This component compliments the university's commitment to accessibility and inclusiveness by encouraging and helping educators recognize, understand, and develop accessible teaching practices. Applicants will need to demonstrate the ability to:

  • Understand and communicate the differences between accessibility, accommodation, and Universal Design for Learning (UDL), as well as the impact, benefits, and challenges of implementing these strategies into their teaching practice.
  • Understand and communicate the benefits of accessible (inclusive) teaching practice and why it is beneficial to apply Universal Design for Learning (UDL) strategies during course design (even before receiving formal requests for accommodation).
  • Apply and demonstrate some principles of UDL using an example from their own practice.

Submission Requirements:

Part 1: Complete the Accessible Instruction at Queen’s online training for educators

Part 2: Compose a reflection about your perspective on inclusion and accessibility

Part 3: Apply what you’ve learned to one of your own activities or assignments in your teaching


Submission deadline is the last Wednesday of each month.

For any additional information regarding PUTL certificates, please contact the EDAs at TA&GradCTL@queensu.ca.