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Centre for Teaching and Learning

About Us

Lauren Anstey, Ph.D.

Educational Developer

Contact Information:

Email: l.anstey@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 77185

Photo of Robin Attas

Robin Attas, Ph.D.

Educational Developer

Contact Information:

Email: robin.attas@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 77741

Lindsay Brant, M.Ed.

Educational Developer, Indigenous Pedagogies and Ways of Knowing

Contact Information:

Email: lmb19@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 75809

Karla Coleman

Educational Technology Advisor

Contact Information:

Email: colemank@queensu.ca

Photo of Sue Fostaty Young

Sue Fostaty Young, Ph.D.


Contact Information:

Email: fostatys@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 78557

Photo of Selina Idlas

Selina Idlas

Educational Technology Innovation Specialist

Contact Information:

Email: selina.idlas@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 74496

Photo of Chris Knapper

Christopher Knapper, Ph.D. (Professor Emeritus)

Founding Director

Contact Information:

Email: knapperc@queensu.ca

Photo of Andy Leger

Andy Leger, Ph.D.

Educational Developer

Contact Information:

Email: al7@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 75303

Headshot of Karalyn McRae

Karalyn McRae, Ph.D.

Educational Development Fellow

Contact Information:

Email: km188@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6000 ext. 78689


Educational Development Associates

Clarissa de Leon, Andres Ramos, and Katherine Mazurok

Contact Information:

Email: TA&GradCTL@queensu.ca


Administrative Staff

Kaitlin McDonald, Louise Moran, and Sandra Murray

Contact Information:

General Inquiries: ctl@queensu.ca
Phone: (613) 533-6428


Student Educational Technology Assistant Team

Cleon Aristo, Nolan Breault, Cal Graham, Janelle Lee, Peter Van Diggelen, and Keirra Whetstone

Contact Information:

Educational Technology Assistance Intake Form



Scope of Practice and Philosophy

Principles and Scope of Practice

Faculty, staff and students recieving Positive Space training The Centre for Teaching and learning is the academic service unit that promotes and supports quality teaching and builds teaching and educational leadership capacity in direct support of Queen’s students’ learning experiences. We support evidence-based, innovative and sustainable strategic program enhancement initiatives, and encourage and support emerging, grassroots investigations of novel approaches to teaching and learning.

Committed to implementing the four interconnected strategic drivers of Queen’s 2014-2019 strategic framework, we work with all Queen’s educators to enhance teaching and learning experiences by:

  • Promoting and profiling scholarly approaches to effective teaching and engagement in educational research;
  • Providing structures and support for the development of teaching, learning and scholarship;
  • Supporting Faculty, Departmental and individual initiatives that are pedagogically sound, intellectually challenging and inspiring to our students;
  • Supporting evidence-based integrations of technology in all learning environments;
  • Ensuring that campus learning spaces meet the emerging learning needs of students.

Under the broad mandate to support Queen's educators in the development of teaching and assessment strategies, we provide leadership and support in three key areas of focus:

  1. Learning Outcomes; Course/Curriculum Design and Review
  2. Learning Spaces and Educational Technologies
  3. Graduate Student and Post-Doctoral Teaching Development

and are working to support emerging interests in:

  • Educational Leadership Development
  • Educational Research

We also offer a variety of online materials and resources including podcast and lecture capture capabilities. Our staff is recognized across campus, nationally and internationally for their expertise, creativity, humour, and literature-informed, pragmatic approach to dealing with teaching and learning challenges and their solutions.

In addition, academic staff members of the CTL actively participate in institution-wide, Faculty and Departmental committees to inform the strategic direction of teaching and learning at Queen’s.

CTL Philosophy

The Centre for Teaching and Learning is committed to engaging with all Queen’s educators in their ongoing development of evidence-based practice and increasingly sophisticated conceptions of teaching and learning in order to meet the strategic goals of the institution. Our principles of practice:

Our work is educational and educative:

Our mandate is education-related; we collaborate on the improvement of teaching for the express purpose of improving students’ learning; our work is educative in that all stakeholders learn and develop through the process of engagement.  

Our approach is developmental:

Our intention is to meet instructors where they are in terms of both conceptual and skill development and build on exhibited strengths. We work with rather than for instructors to help them achieve their goals for professional teaching development.

Our intention is to build both capacity and educational leadership

Our commitment is to provide expertise, support and resources to Faculties, Departments, Units and individual educators to create integrated and collaborative networks that are necessary for the ongoing development of teaching across campus.

In contacting the CTL for consultation or collaboration, Faculties, Departments, Units and individual instructors (including TAs, GTFs, and post-docs) can expect, as a standard of service:

  • to meet with an educational developer or associate for a consultation on any aspect of teaching, course or program development or review, curriculum, dossier development or educational research
  • to be provided with feedback, be supplied with or directed to resources, workshops, or like-minded colleagues and
  • to have a follow-up meeting to assess progress and plan next steps

Members of the CTL academic staff assume educational leadership positions as, guests, advisory members or chairs of institutional and Faculty committees including:

  • Senate Cyclical Program Review Committee
  • Teaching and Learning Spaces Committee
  • Communications, Training & Awareness Working Group
  • Faculty of Arts and Science Curriculum Committee
  • Faculty of Education Online Advisory Committee
  • Brightspace – D2L – Steering and Advisory Committee
  • Learning Commons Support Services Committee