Kilian Atuoye

Kilian Atuoye

Assistant Professor

PhD (Health Geography) University of Western Ontario

Mackintosh-Corry Hall, B410

Queen's University

Global Development Studies

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Curriculum Vitae (PDF 250KB)

I am a health geographer with research interest situated in health equity. My work spans environment and health, social epidemiology, and healthcare access, and embraces global, community and individual health perspectives. I am particularly interested in the environmental and social production of human health and health inequalities, with a focus on determinants, impacts, and the policy environment of health and healthcare. Working with communities to re(examine) their health and promote health equity forms a central part of my research approach. Most recently, I have undertaken research on the impact of structural inequalities on risk of non-communicable diseases in Ghana, and the health impacts of large-scale land acquisitions in coastal Tanzania. I have also been involved in research on maternal and child health, HIV, Hepatitis, food (in)security and mental health in sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in Malawi, Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda. My current research attention centers on environmental and social change as determinants of health, non-communicable diseases, food security, and mental health in the Global South and Canada.
Theoretically, my research draws on political ecology (of health), social and environmental determinants of health, critical race theory, and other concepts from health geography that help to highlight and discuss the health impacts of human-environment interactions among vulnerable populations. I employ these theoretical concepts in unpacking and deconstructing the role of social structures and processes in health inequalities, while drawing out policy strategies to promote health equity.


I welcome students interested in advancing health equity, and with research interest in one or more of the following areas:
•    social epidemiology
•    environment and health
•    Food security
•    healthcare access and utilization
I am particularly interested in supervising research on:
•    human health impacts of climate and environmental change
•    prevalence, risks/determinants, prevention and management of non-communicable diseases, HIV and Hepatitis
•    food and nutrition security
•    maternal and child healthcare
•    mental health
•    healthcare access and utilization for structurally exposed populations


Selected Publications

Please see my Google Scholar and/or Researchgate for a full list of academic publications.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

Antabe, R., Sano, Y,. Atuoye, K. N.,, Baada, J. N., (2022). Determinants of HIV-related stigma and discrimination in Malawi: evidence from the demographic and health survey. African Geographical Review, 1-13, DOI:

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