Past Experiences

Following are some testimonials from students enrolled in DEVS 305 in past years:

"DEVS 305 is a unique class that explores and investigates the many distinctive aspects of the Cuban society, government, economics, and foreign relations. As a DEVS/ECON student I found that many of the things I learned about were applicable to my background studying economics as well as my other interests in politics and international relations. I think that becoming familiar with Cuba in the classroom made our trip at the end of the year extremely rewarding by providing me with a first-hand opportunity to immerse myself in places that I had read about only weeks before. "

Sean Price, BAH Global Development Studies/Economics

"I took DEVS 305 in the summer of 2013. It was the last course I took in my undergraduate degree in Global Development Studies and by far the highlight. It was one of the few experiences I had at university that genuinely brought the skills and knowledge I gained in my undergrad to life. My experiences in Cuba were eye opening to say the least. Looking back, I am so grateful for the inspiring professors of DEVS 305 and their ability to share their fascination and love Cuban culture. Their teaching has left a lasting impression on me, and to this day, I continue to watch the films and listen to the music I learned about in this course."

Emma Titley, BAH Global Development Studies Grad 2013 (currently working at yayasan Kul Kul in Bali, Indonesia)

"What you are introduced to in the on-campus portion is what you would expect from a course that studies a foreign nation: politics, social structure, and history, with some ‘cultural flavour’ thrown in.    But when you get to Havana it is ALL culture, which you just cannot get without going there.  Although this is an undergraduate course, its structure and methods are excellent foundations for understanding and conceptualizing your own ethnographic graduate level work and gives you a taste of what working out in “the field” could be like. "

Shawn Newman, Queen’s University Cultural Studies PhD Candidate.

DEVS 305 was one of my best learning experiences! Havana is a complicated and beautiful place. Learning about Cuba in Havana brought the history, politics, culture, and economics of the country to life. I can’t wait for my next visit to Cuba.

Professor Patrizia Gentile, Director, Institute of Interdisciplinary Studies, Carleton University  

Here is a short video created in June 2020 about the Havana portion of the course. 

These short excerpts are from interview for the video and are focused on particular topics"