Green Your Event Tips

Go Paperless!

  • Send all conference materials electronically.

  • Consider making a website, smartphone application, or email subscription for the event. Most people carry their smartphones with them all the time, so the schedule and all other information will always be at their fingertips.

  • If you must print, print double-sided.

Waste Reduction

  • Evaluate giveaway items and eliminate unnecessary waste. Do you need badges? Lanyards?

  • If issuing lanyards for name tags collect them after the event for reuse.

  • Check the space for recycling stations, and request additional stations if needed.

  • Organics disposal is available on campus. Contact the sustainability office if it is not available in your space.

  • If there are no waste items associated with your event, consider removing all waste bins from the area and enforcing a zero-waste event.

  • Consider having volunteers at recycling stations to instruct delegates on which items go into which bins.

  • Download the Waste Wizard App to effectively sort your waste on campus. Ensure communication with conference organizers, volunteers, and participants.

  • For events with specific kinds of waste, consider making custom signage with the names and/or photos of the items on them.

Green Tips

  • Power down all AV systems at the end of the day.

  • Consider offsetting carbon emissions for flights/long-distance travel.

  • Consider offering virtual attendance options

  • Understand what type of packaging your food will be provided in – and check with the sustainability office on the guidelines for optimum waste sorting collection

  • Make your own arrangements in advance with Queen’s Soul Food, AMS Food Bank or Lionhearts to donate any leftover food.

  • Consider using china service instead of single-use packaging.