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Eastern Ontario Network (EON)

Eastern Ontario Network

About us

The Eastern Ontario Network (EON) is a family physician and multidisciplinary collaboration of researchers and clinicians in primary care. We work together to evaluate our practices and address questions that arise from our clinical practice. 

EON supports research relevant to the primary care setting, with a wide range of studies relating to topics such as chronic condition surveillance, management, prevention, and screening. 

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Information for patients

EON securely collects and stores de-identified health information from electronic medical records of participating primary care clinicians. This data is used for research and quality improvement to improve the efficiency of Ontario's healthcare system and increasing the quality of care to its residents.

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Contribute EMR data

How can healthcare providers help? 

Many family physicians and nurse practitioners are happy to be involved in research but find it difficult to get started.

Learn about how you can contribute to a secure and larger base of evidence to strengthen family medicine’s research capacity. 

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