The Eastern Ontario Network (EON) is one of the 13 regional networks that make up the Canadian Primary Care Sentinel Surveillance Network (CPCSSN). Currently, over 2 million patients and 1500 primary care clinicians participate in CPCSSN.

EON feeds cleaned and de-identified patient data to the CPCSSN database, transforming raw electronic medical records data into meaningful information that can be used for quality improvement, chronic disease surveillance, and research. As EON is one of the 13 networks that make up CPCSSN, when a healthcare provider registers with EON, they also become a CPCSSN Sentinel.

The goal of CPCSSN is to encourage, facilitate, and support collaborations between government, health authorities, health professionals, patients, and researchers. CPCSSN aims to seek out, develop, and facilitate adoption of healthcare innovations to improve healthcare delivery systems across the country.

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