Recruitment for Research Projects

Recruitment Opportunities for Healthcare Providers

We often require family physicians to register for upcoming research projects. Check out our current recruitment opportunities below and get in touch with us at to register or to learn more.


Health Surveillance of Community-Dwelling, Persons Living with Dementia & Caregiver Dyads

Investigators: Dr. David Barber (Queen's), Dr. Annie Robitaille (uOttawa), Dr. Neil Drummond (UofA, UofC)

Contact: Rebecca Theal,

Progress: In recruitment

Poster for Persons Living with Dementia and Caregiver Dyads study

SPIDER Learning Collaborative: De-prescribing dangerous medications 

Can data-driven QI activities help de-prescribe potentially harmful medications, for medically complex senior clients? Help answer this question and improve health outcomes for your clients by participating in a 12-month learning collaborative. EMR queries will be provided to help participating EON members identify clients who would benefit.

Find out more by visiting the SPIDER project website.

SPIDER approach infographic