The Experiential Learning Hub is a dedicated team committed to promoting and coordinating experiential education across the Queen’s community. We work closely with all campus partners, including the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

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Our History

The Experiential Learning Working group (ELWG) was created by the Provost’s Advisory Committee on Teaching and Learning (PACTL) to recommend strategies to facilitate the development and growth of self-sustaining, curricular and co-curricular experiential education opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students.  The Hub was developed out of the recommendations contained in the ELWG report published in July 2015.  

QUIP Student working at Hatch, riding an exercise bicycle and giving the "thumbs up" sign

Our Mandate

  1. Communicate the importance of experiential learning to community and employer partners, and students.

  2. Facilitate efficient cross-institutional planning and delivery of experiential learning.

  3. Grow and support enduring mutually-beneficial relationships with community and employer partners.

For more information about the EL HUB contact el.hub@queensu.ca