Community & Employer Partners

The Experiential Learning Hub is the place for community and employer partners to get answers to questions, post positions, and navigate the process of engaging with Queen's students.

How we can help

  • Learn about the range of experiential learning activities at Queen’s

  • Connect partners with the appropriate program or faculty 

  • Answer questions about internships, course-based projects, and community-driven opportunities

  • Learn about steps an organization should consider when integrating a student or new graduate into their workplace

  • Receive guidance and information about how to post jobs and engage with Queen’s students through the QUIP, SWEP, Work Study and other EL programs

The Queen’s Student Advantage

Queen’s students offer community and employer partners a number of key benefits:

  • Employers who integrate students into their workplace are able to pre-screen and develop connections with potential future hires

  • Students are exposed to the latest developments in their field of study and offer innovative, fresh perspectives on existing challenges

  • By participating in an experiential learning the organization is contributing to the industry’s workforce talent and shaping what future graduates bring to the labour market

  • Through internships, joint university-organization projects, or other EL activities Queen’s students provide organizations the opportunity to take on new projects that may not otherwise take place

  • Explore how to employ student talent in your organization

EL @ Queen's

Quotes from our partners:

"I was lucky enough to work with Queen's University Internship Students during 2014.  The quality of their work is top tier and they are clearly passionate about Engineering and their future careers.  I find the Queen’s students have a natural ability to work in cross discipline teams and understand the theme of a common goal; this to me is a critical skillset required to succeed in today’s Engineering environment."

Matt Fallen, Technology Development
Devon Energy

"We have had many QUIP students now at this point, and I can't stress enough that it has been such a wonderful experience for both the students and for PnuVax."

Allison Turner,

To review examples of experiential education happening at Queen's please visit the  In Their Own Words section of our website.