Funding Opportunities


Principal's Student Initiatives Fund: supports student participation in projects devoted to the principles of personal growth and/or community service. Projects should provide educational opportunities such as participation in competitions, symposia, conferences, festivals and community development projects. The project must not be related to academic programs such as a class lecture, lab, practicum, internship or work placement. 

There may be opportunities for this fund to support co-curricular, studet-driven experiential learning activities.

For more details please visit the Principal's Student Initiative Fund webpage 

Student Affairs Student Initiative Fund: provides funding to support student-led activities and events that advance Indigenization, equity, diversity, inclusion, accessibility, and anti-racism (I-EDIAA), build community, promote wellbeing, and/or foster growth, skills development, and leadership.  

There may be opportunities for this fund to support co-curricular, student/club driven events or experiential learning activities (must not be part of any academic curriculum).

For mroe details, please visit the Student Affairs Student Initiative Fund webpage.

Staff, Faculty and Employers

Check out the following resources to learn more about funding for curricular and co-curricular experiential learning: