Fund for Scholarly Research and Creative Work and Professional Development (Adjuncts)

This fund will provide support either in the form of salary stipends or a grant (provided through a research/professional development account) for scholarly and creative work or professional development undertaken by eligible Adjunct Members.  Please consult Article 36.2 of the Collective Agreement for Faculty, Librarians and Archivist, for more information.

The deadline for Spring / Summer Session  is June 3, 2024.  The application form is available here: 

The Application Form is a fillable PDF. Please refer to the Application Guidelines (Updated March 2024) for important instructions on how to complete the fillable PDF and other information and Terms of Reference for additional information when submitting your application.  It is your responsibility to ensure that your application is complete with all required information, and note that your application will not be checked for completeness. Submit your application form electronically in one PDF document to

A Tools for Research at Queen's (TRAQ) DSS Form must be submitted if applying for a Research Grant in order to obtain your account number.  Please click on the link below to access an information sheet.   Please note that TRAQ numbers cannot be reused.  You must submit a new TRAQ DSS Form each time you apply.


It is also important to note that, following approval of your application by the Committee, as soon as possible you MUST upload your budget and initiate the approval process in TRAQ in order to receive your six-digit TRAQ Project Number.  This will allow you to claim receipts for your project.  Any questions should be directed to the TRAQ office (information in the link below).

Congratulations to the following Adjuncts who were awarded funds in the 2023-24 Winter Term:

  • Habibe Baba
  • Logan Bale
  • Kimberly Bergeron
  • Heather Braund
  • Susan Brogly
  • Lori Bryden
  • Frank Burke
  • Anne-Renee Caille
  • Daniela Castaneda
  • Eric Chalfant
  • Darrell Christie
  • Olusoji Cole
  • Nancy Dalgarno
  • Carolyn DeLoyde
  • Megan Edlelow
  • Douglas Friesen
  • Ian Garner
  • Stephanie Graham
  • Megan Ingram
  • Eleftheria Laios
  • Dmitri Lebedev
  • Anne-Marie Levac
  • Jennifer Lucas
  • Kevin McEleney
  • Rebecca McEwen
  • Melissa Morris
  • Joseph Pagnan
  • Alexxandra Pedersen
  • Beatrice Poletti
  • Jessica Rich
  • Adrienne Sauder
  • Clelia Scala
  • Aditi Sen Chowdhury
  • Jade Stnding
  • Diane Tomalty
  • Olivia Giovannettie
  • Daniel Tremblay
  • Jing Wang
  • Sandy Youmans