Collective Agreements / LoU's / MoA's

QUFA Collective Agreements


COVID-19 Emergency Letter of Understanding ("LoU")

LOU re COVID-19, dated May 23, 2020: This Letter of Understanding between the University and QUFA, and associated Memoranda of Agreement in four (4) Schedules, address modifications of the Collective Agreement, most of which are temporary in duration, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Memoranda of Agreements ("MoA's)

From time to time, the Parties to the Collective Agreement, through the Joint Committee on the Administration of the Agreement (“JCAA”), agree to amend or modify the application of the Collective Agreement. The Parties’ agreement is recorded in a Memorandum of Agreement and sometimes requires amendment of provisions of the official copy of the Collective Agreement. In accordance with Article 4.3 of the Collective Agreement, the on-line, posted version is the "official copy” of the Collective Agreement, and a link on the Faculty Relations’ website is provided to MoAs of general application concerning the Collective Agreement .