Celebrating pi — with pie

Celebrating pi — with pie

March 14, 2013


Members of the Queen's Mathematics and Statistics Department Students Council hold the special "pi-ñata" at Pi Day celebrations on Thursday.

 Queen’s mathematicians and other pi enthusiasts gathered Thursday in Jeffery Hall to mark Pi Day, a celebration of the infinite constant that begins 3.14159. Official festivities began at 1:59 pm when the date (3/14) and time match the first few digits of pi.

Students, faculty and staff kicked off the celebration with some indulgence – eating lots of pie, in apple, raspberry, blueberry and cherry varieties. Following dessert were several games, including a pi reciting contest (won by Andrew van den Hoeven, Artsci’16) and Pi Jeopardy. The festivities also featured a special “pi-ñata.”

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Gathering to eat pie on Pi Day, in Jeffery Hall.