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Convocation ceremony to hit a high note

Holly Cole will perform in Friday afternoon's convocation ceremony. Photo credit: Andrew MacNaughtan

This convocation season, Juno award-winning singer-songwriter Holly Cole will receive an honorary degree from Queen’s in acknowledgement of her philanthropic endeavours, such as  numerous benefit concerts for a variety of organizations, including the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Ms. Cole will also give a performance in the ceremony on Friday, June 6, 2014 at 2:30 pm. In advance of her award and performance, Ms. Cole exchanged emails with Rosie Hales, Communications Officer, discussing what the degree means to her.

Rosie Hales: How does it feel to be chosen for an honorary degree?

Holly Cole: It’s very moving to be chosen for an honorary degree from Queen’s. This kind of recognition is an important milestone in my life.

RH: How will the honorary degree impact your career?

HC: Queen’s has an outstanding reputation in Canada and beyond. I look forward to seeing what impact receiving this honorary degree has.

RH: What are you most excited about for your visit to Queen’s?

HC: Well, I love Kingston – especially in the summer time. But most of all, I’m dying to sing for the graduates!

RH: You were selected to receive the award because of your philanthropy. Why does philanthropy play such a large part in your life?

HC: Philanthropy plays a large part in my life for many reasons. As an artist, I’m in a position where I can make a difference by raising money and also awareness about issues that are vital to all of us. Further, I believe that taking an active role in support of something that you really believe not only benefits the specific cause, but also nurtures an overall sense of community. To me, this is equally as vital.