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    ITServices revamps media streaming service

    Recent upgrades to the university’s streaming service give faculty and staff access to additional functions and a much more friendly user interface when uploading video and audio files using their web browser.

    “The Enhanced Streaming Service makes it much simpler for users to manage their own media content, especially since the file transcoding – converting the original media file into a format the streaming application can understand – is now done automatically,” says Brad Murphy, Web Services Coordinator, ITServices. “Users will be really pleased to discover how easy it is to embed video and audio content into websites and Moodle courses.”

    The upgraded service:

    • resizes and converts the file formats automatically so that users can readily upload video and audio files in nearly any format;
    • simplifies the process by enabling users to upload content to the streaming server without using a file transfer program;
    • offers a playlist functionality (known as “web destinations”), making it easier for users to display media content to external sources such as Moodle;
    • allows users to automatically create a personal account instead of having to fill out a request form; and
    • offers larger account quotas giving users the capacity to add more media.

    The service is free for all staff and faculty members. Users can log in online. Tutorials are available on the ITServices website. A hands-on workshop entitled “Intro to the Enhanced Streaming Service” will be held on February 7. Register here.

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