A little soup goes a long way

A little soup goes a long way

April 26, 2013


Managers in Queen’s Hospitality Services stepped up for a cause this week, making 1,500 servings of vegan lentil and spinach soup for local food organization Loving Spoonful.

The event – called Soupçon, French for “a small amount” – brought two groups of managers into the Ban Righ Hall kitchen to prepare the soup for the Kingston community.

“We chose to call it Soupçon because we are trying to help reduce hunger, by doing a little bit. When everyone does a little, it adds up to a lot,” says Joli Manson, General Manager, Hospitality Services.

Soupçon is part of Sodexo’s Servathon, held each April, which brings together employees around the world to volunteer and serve meals, raise funds, and donate food to hunger relief organizations.