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Modernized structure will better engage Queen's non-unionized staff

By Communications Staff

Queen’s Human Resources department is developing modernized structures for connecting with non-unionized staff in the 2-9 and 10-14 employee groups.

Over the coming months HR will be conducting focus groups with non-unionized staff in both employee groups to obtain their feedback on the new models. The goal of this restructuring is to enable HR to connect effectively with non-unionized staff and receive their feedback on issues of relevance.

HR has been discussing and will begin working with QUSA in the development of this new structure for the grades 2-9 group.

“We want to participate in the development of a new structure to continue to enable the active involvement of non-unionized staff and to ensure that their perspectives are brought forward on issues of relevance to them.” said QUSA President Maureen Bartram.

The scheduling of the focus groups is the first step in the modernization process.

“We want to ensure that our non-unionized employees remain engaged and well represented and that groups or individuals continue to feel included and that they have a voice in matters of relevance to them as employees at Queen’s,” says Al Orth, Associate Vice Principal, Human Resources.

Both HR and QUSA envision the modernized model as providing non-unionized staff with new opportunities for providing feedback to HR and to university administration and for becoming more engaged in their work environment.