New framework will better support talent at Queen's.

New framework will better support talent at Queen's.

March 26, 2014


By Craig Leroux, Senior Communications Officer

A new talent management framework is being developed as part of Principal Daniel Woolf’s commitment to support the acquisition, onboarding, development, retention and recognition of Queen’s employees. The framework will provide a strategic approach to talent management across the university.

Mary Elms

“As Queen’s seeks to advance its academic mission and secure its financial sustainability, its success will depend in large part upon the leadership that faculty, staff and administrators bring to the challenges and opportunities we face,” says Principal Woolf. “That’s why as executive sponsor, I have been working closely with Human Resources to develop a comprehensive talent management framework and I’m pleased to announce that Mary Elms will assume responsibility for developing and implementing the framework.”

Ms. Elms, currently Manager, Organizational Development and Learning, in Human Resources, has been seconded for a two-year term to implement the framework.

The talent management framework will offer a cohesive, university-wide approach to talent identification, assessment and development that aligns with and supports the University’s strategic objectives.

“Talent management is about ensuring that the people working at Queen’s have the programs, processes, attributes and support they require to achieve the university’s objectives,” says Ms. Elms. “It touches on many facets of employment at Queen’s, including recruitment, retention, recognition, development, wellness as well as succession planning.”

The talent management framework, for both academic and non-academic employees, will build on the strengths of Queen’s existing development and recognition programs, and will include the implementation of new programs, processes that support the achievement of the University’s goals and objectives.